Allen's Gift of Music 


Guitars Not guns of Maryland is dedicated in memory of Allen J. Whitt, Jr. who was tragically taken by a single gunshot on New Year's day, January 1st, 2014.  His life was ended suddenly by a young man who choose violence, theft and taking another's life with a gun as a way of life.  

In  honoring Allen through Guitars Not Guns our family hopes that Allen's Gift of music will continue to be heard, and will lend a hand in helping at-risk youth make better choices in life.  

Using music as a catalyst, we encourage children and teens to use their creativity to foster personal development and to help divert themselves from self-destructive indulgences such as drugs, alcohol, and gang related activities. By providing free guitars and lessons we hope to engage their creative potential and help them follow their dreams.

Allen had a gift and talent that far surpassed any novice guitar player.  He had a passion and love for music that started at a young age and carried into his adulthood. Never a day went by that he did not play and at every family event we were surrounded by his voice and the strumming of his guitar. Yet, it wasn't just the music Allen played that would draw people near and far, it was who he was as a person that captured his audience. 

His passion and drive to succeed as a musician took him to places he never thought possible. He found himself playing with some of the greatest bands and in cities all over the US.  The moment he was heard on the radio we knew his dreams had come true. The stage is where he belonged and it is where he will remain. His talents gave him an opportunity that most will never know.

Allen's talent for music was a gift, a gift he used to help both family and friends. His annual band performance at the local zoo raised money to save countless animals. He performed for charities and families who lost their loved ones.  Our favorite was when he rallied his peers, teachers and school to put on  a performance to raise money for his girlfriend who had cancer. It was moments such as this one that shaped who Allen was in life and how his memory will be cherished.

Please help us honor him by supporting Guitars Not Guns, Allen's Gift to Maryland's kids in need.